: El exorcista: E Planeta – pp PA. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Peter Blatty (Nueva York, ) es el aclamado autor de El exorcista () y del guión cinematográfico de la. of 15 results for Books: “William P. Blatty” Exorcist by William P Blatty ( ). by William P Blatty El Exorcista (The Exorcist).

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The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

Crichton had a B. After seeing Father Merrin’s sacrifice, Karras decides to give his life for the life of the posessed girl. One fascinating aspect of the novel that was completely cut from the film is the in depth and detailed depiction of Bpatty worship and some of the disgusting, sacrilegious practices performed at black masses.

Part of me greatly enjoyed his strange ponderings, but sometimes it grew too much to where I wanted to skim a few dialogue exchanges and weird mental philosophies. That should have happened with no problems.

The Exorcist

I won’t go into details. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

View all 11 comments. He gets assigned to a murder of a young boy who was crucified onto boat paddles then he has william deal with the murder of two priests. The Exorcist is probably my favourite horror movie of all time alongside The Evil Dead and Sinister and is also one of my top books.


He plays one of the pivotal roles in this story and the breakdown of this case with the leads towards the suspects in a mental asylum tests his character intensely and you can help but feel on edge throughout the book. I may have to check glatty some more of your work in the coming months, as you sure know how to tell a story!

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Oh, and love the stepback I know that the film was back in theatres a while ago and my partner and I went to see it again with our nephew and niece. And when all hope exorcksta fleeting, the realization of the only road that is left to tread.

I don’t believe in possessions or devils or exorcisha of these things, although I love to read about them. This isn’t so much of a willliam story but a cheap way for a devout Catholic writer to use AJHD-K to spoon feed us religious claptrap and pooh-pooh all that “science crap”. In the end I still would say I liked this novel.

It’s not the monster; it’s those he’s after. But aside from so-called quasi-possession those cases that are ultimately reducible to fraud, paranoia and hysteria the problem has always lain with interpreting the phenomena, the oldest interpretation being the spiritist,an impression that is likely to be strengthened by the fact that the intruding personality may have accomplishments quite foreign to the first.

I can understand some feeling smothered by the narrative, but I found it enthralling. This is a really chilling and frightening story.


It will always remain one of the most horrific sections I’ve ever read. Beware of The Devil. Anyfuck, I dug this book.

The Exorcist (novel) – Wikipedia

While it was produced blatyt and some of the technology is understandably outdated, it packs a punch and was surely quite thrilling at the time. Stephen King disses this book?!?!?!

In the novel, the killer’s motivation, which involves a character we meet only once in a complete throw-away of a chapter, is resolved off-page when we’re told that character died from a stroke, and so the killer just stops wlliam and — literally — lies down and dies.

As for the book itself. I honestly felt like I needed to go to mass after reading that scene. Since while I blattty only two hours to watch the movie, I can invest like a week or more to read a novel. Nov 17, Paul Nelson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Those who buy their sex toys from divine-interventions. No tengo ni idea de como se me cruzo por la cabeza la idea de leer esto, pero aqui estoy.