This service manual is written for use by qualified service personnel only. . The Kurzweil KR offers the same powerful features as the K including. Manuals and User Guides for Kurzweil K, KR. We have 5 Kurzweil K, KR manuals available for free PDF download: Supplement Manual, . View and Download Kurzweil K, KR service manual online. Service Manual. K, KR Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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The Preview Soft Button Excessive voltages can seriously damage any electric device. For manuual and diagnostic information please refer to sections 4. The upper 8 bits of the external address bus are latched on the and thus can be connected directly to the external address decoder and memories. This occurs at about 10 volts peak for typical headphone loads and would normally be extremely loud.

IF this improves the contrast, immediately return tho the Contrast parameter and adjust it slightly. This document kuurzweil for use with K Diagnostic software Version 0. Up to six polyphonic audio outputs.

If the test fails, check the traces between UlO, Ull, and U Although the processing happens digitally, the input and output data format is not compatible with the KISS format produced by the Engine Board; thus it is necessary to convert the analog audio signal to be processed into digital form, have the effects section process it, and convert it back into analog audio.

This slows down the access time kufzweil, since the address space of mnual CPU is accessed in sequence, beginning with Block 0. Programs, Setups, Songs, etc. Anything which can be used to modify some aspect of a program’s sound.

If the observed address does not ‘: This 2k000r called a soft reset. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact an electrician to replace your obsolete outlet.

As with th ch pedals should be unplugged y tested.

Kurzweil K2000, K2000R Service Manual

Any kurwzeil to repair, modify, adjust or service any internal component or assembly by non-approved personnel may void all existing warranties on this instrument and any installed options. Enter the Program Editor by pressing the EDIT button while in Program mode, or any time 2k000r currently selected parameter has program as its manua. In the data test, a test data pattern is written from the processor to the memory component being tested.


A device which converts motion into a range of possible values which can modulate a sound source. Note that setting the offset adjustment to a null point for the pop artifact may increase the noise floor. Remove the spring from the back of the key taking note of the positioning of k22000r two ends. Carefully grip the chassis and Engine board while repositioning right side up. In addition, they could even pick up hum from another piece of equipment, such as a power amplifier or another instrument, placed immediately below or above the K case.

After filtering, the audio signals go through voltage-controlled amplifiers at the bottom of schematic page 4. Pin 1 is on the end of the IC with the indentation.

Kurzweil K2000, K2000R Manuals

If no sampling board is present, this test will fail. An oscillator is an electrical signal which cycles regularly between a minimum and maximum amplitude. The oscillations in voltage are analogous to the waveforms of the sounds they generate. Record A Bass Line For further information, contact the Kurzweil National Service Manager at You will probably be mounting it in a standard inch MIDI rack it takes up three rack spaces.


If you install an internal hard disk, the ventilation opening on the underside of the K must remain unobstructed so the cooling fan can operate properly. Test Item 2 Please wait- Testing. Using a 2 Phillips screwdriver, remove twelve 12 self-tapping screws securing both boards six for each board.

The hexadecimal numbers that appear on the display are irrelevant as long as they match for each test. Global In this manual, used primarily in reference to control sources. The number of times each second that an oscillator repeats itself is called its frequency, which is measured in Hertz Hz.


NEVER block the ventilation openings on the bottom or rear panels; doing so can cause overheating and serious damage. The voltage selector has been factory set for the main k0200r voltage in the country where this unit was sold. Remove the single self-tapping screw and k20000r board is free. As with the sampled input voltage, these two points should show stair-stepped approximations of the processed output signals.

The tip of the stereo end carries the signal to the send side of the split end, and the ring of the stereo end receives the signal from the return side.

If a specific problem has occurred with a particular unit, select the appropriate test s from the normal diagnostics menu. After conversion to sampled analog voltages at U and U D-6 to D-7the effected audio signals are filtered by circuitry around U7 F-6 to G K20000r sums 5 signals from various sources into kanual. WARNING – Do not place objects on the product’s power supply cord, or place the product in a position where anyone could trip over, walk on, or roll anything over cords of any type.

Plug in the power line cord, and turn the unit on. Full text of ” Kurzweil: Each K program can contain up to three layers – except drum channel programs, which can contain up to 32 layers. After testing a normally closed switch pedal, the pedal must be unplugged to clear the fourth line of the LCD.

Sample in stereo or mono, via analog or digital inputs and you have all the sample edit functions you’ll need to create some of your own sounds.